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Re: Why is it so obvious these are TF?

Posted by Thorwald on December 04, 2007 at 04:23:12

In Reply to: Re: Why is it so obvious these are TF? posted by Cult radar on November 30, 2007 at 01:33:11:

I am, by no means, ashamed to say: "Well done!" to this couple with their child. I often travel to the US and am appalled at the lack of geography-sense (or anything other than American Football and who a given celebrity is dating) the average American has. Case-and-point: Of the many things that I attribute to my upbringing (good and bad and shameful), I am quite proud of my knowledge of geography. I took an upper-division course in geography while attending university and received the highest grade _ever_ (in the history of the course) for knowledge of not just names and places of countries, their capitals, major cities, landmarks, etc., but also of the local cultures, cuisines, colloquialisms, and even how many cheeks (and how many times) one is expected to kiss on a given occasion and age-group.

There are many things I can ridicule TFI about; our (SGA) knowledge of geography and culture is not one of them.

Whether or not the parents of this "Lilly" are actually current/former members of TFI, I wholeheartedly applaud what they have taught this very young child. I have every intention of teaching my children the same ability (and much, much more).