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Re: Family's response to CNN

Posted by Farmer on December 10, 2007 at 14:16:46

In Reply to: Re: Family's response to CNN posted by CB on December 08, 2007 at 06:32:03:

You really strike there a chord with me & if that happens to be Thinker's mantra, then "all the more power to it"..(I wasn't aware of it)...since long - reading various posts here and elsewhere from the exer-community - I developed the standing/viewpoint, that we didn't have all 1:1 the same experiences the world over, though many are similar enough so to speak...that's why I got a bit more "ardent", when some SGAs tried to suggest, that almost all uncles & aunties were in it for sexual abuse...if that happened to be their experience in their home/community & reality with all their peers they exchanged themselves with later, then that can account for the prejudice, that it happened everywhere....but the mistake is in abstracting, in the induction.I always figured, there must have been more then myself, who didn't participate in the sexual exploit/experimenting with youngsters & I am glad, to have that proven, by reading here on the board, that others also didn't go along...

The Davidito book was not a blueprint for me to
copy in TF, since I didn't have children & really didn't feel any inclination/ desire to practice that in any home I was in (with others people's kids) never crossed my mind.I had it instilled with me, that sex is with an agreeing member of the opposite sex...
and --the Hare Krsnas were also ardent on that one
- the goal was also/ I had a mindframe, which guarded me from false experiments...(reasoning: young people can't get pregnant & the one whom you get pregnant, one ought to marry & the one you get married to, you oughta be in love with & so on)

Sad to say I participated in FFing...probably the gravest mistake in my life