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Ricky "could at least?"

Posted by Thinker on December 11, 2007 at 18:23:39

In Reply to: Re: Family's response to CNN posted by James on December 07, 2007 at 06:12:47:

"... any great training he had in the Family didn't really show itself to much. At least he could do handyman stuff (from his 'Life with Grandpa days')."

Besides your grievous comment he was so dumb but could "at least," is that your way of downplaying the historical fact that Berg and TF's policy of education was (is?) that all children ever need(ed) is a 6th-grade education?

"15. THE ONLY THINGS OUR CHILDREN NEED TO KNOW ARE READING, WRITING AND ARITHMETIC--I mean simple arithmetic: Counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, division and decimals. [...] just your basic math up to about the level of a 7th grader, or even 5th or 6th grade now in some schools."

"17. THEY ONLY NEED ALL THESE LITTLE BASICS THAT ARE USEFUL FOR EVERYDAY LIFE AND LIVING. Figuring out, for example, how much water there is in that tank or how much cubic feet of space and so on. This is all in basic math and that's all they need."

"19. BASIC MATH, BASIC WORLD HISTORY, BASIC GEOGRAPHY AND BASIC GENERAL SCIENCE about everything around the house, how the toilet works, the gas, the lights, the water, etc., plus the little basic principles of physics and a few basic things about chemistry."

"20. THEY NEED THE EVERYDAY PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE OF PRACTICAL EVERYDAY LIVING--how a pump works and how a motor works and all the little practical things that most everybody has to deal with--what makes the weather, how the weather works, all these very simple things."


"45. YOU ONLY NEED ABOUT THREE BASIC TEXTBOOKS to sum up all the world's knowledge..."

"53. WE'RE NOT GOING INTO LIFE TO TRY TO MAKE SCIENTISTS OUT OF OUR KIDS TO TRY TO MAKE THEM INTO BUSINESSMEN TO MAKE MONEY or anything like that. If we're going to make teachers out of them [...] our teachers only need to know as much as they intend to teach, so our teachers don't need any more than a 6th or 7th grade education themselves--what do they need more than that?"

"57. THEY SAY THE AVERAGE WORLD MENTALITY IS ABOUT THAT OF A 12-YEAR-OLD CHILD!--WHICH IS THE 6TH OR 7TH GRADE LEVEL! That's about as far as most people develop mentally, and that's about all you need to know."

"71. THE SCHOOL EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE ACCOMPLISHED WITHIN SIX OR SEVEN YEARS at the very most, by the time they reach their teens. By the time they reach 12 or 13 years of age their education should be complete."
-- from "THE EDUCATION REVOLUTION!" (Nov. 1975) DFO No.371

If you read the rest of the letter, it seems Berg was only concerned with grooming slave labor, young sex slaves, and baby-making machines.

So did things really change with the Charter, which was supposed to give all TF children the right to an education? I think not. According to the Charter,

"Children under the age of 16 have the right to: Sufficient time, opportunity and educational materials to receive an adequate education that allows them to become competent in a manner appropriate to their age, ability and aptitude, in the skills of reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, sciences, and other curricular subjects, including practical-life skill" and to seek official certification for such schooling ("Rights of the Children," Point 8.F., G.; see also 9.J. concerning further outside studies)."

But Maria wrote in GN963, in Sep. 2001, after the charter was implemented:

"104. So from now on, Peter and I want it to be known that we are not in agreement with System schooling for our children. We do not feel it's fruitful!"

And the charter has the built-in option that Maria can revoke any right at any time.