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Re: Come off it! Think again--emotional blackmail still happens plenty

Posted by Farmer on December 11, 2007 at 19:26:04

In Reply to: Re: Come off it! Think again--emotional blackmail still happens plenty posted by Thinker on December 11, 2007 at 16:52:33:

You said it better than I...I couldn't believe my eyes reg. the comments about Ricky.If anything he was raved about how smart he was & as in the case with the "geography child prodigy": young kids can have an amazing way/ability to memorize...however TF was ardent about it, that you don't need to cram your head with the wrong kind of knowledge, much less have TFs kids spoiled by the world brats (in school)...bad thing now, they get "spoiled" by TF's poison in form of letters from the top...I guess Ricky had lots of potential & later the potential he had was also greatly hindered by the traumatic experiences he had.It never dawned on me so much but through him, how bad "love-up"-time could be.TF is completely nuts in that regard & not only in that one...

Also Latins always seem to make up, if at all needed, with the wonderful "EQ" they often have...(may I suggest a "spiritual quotient" as well ; ) ) and I felt mostly very well in Latin countries.

Thorwald had a point, in some cases young kids did learn something pretty useful...that one they ought to do & not leave the other undone(plus throwing out the filth)