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Re: Mantra :-)

Posted by Farmer on December 12, 2007 at 05:55:21

In Reply to: Re: Mantra :-) posted by dunno on December 11, 2007 at 22:10:03:

The truth, I think, must be somewhere in between the extremes: not all the FGAs were sexually exploiting children & it wasn't confined to WS only.

My personal take is this: if a couple or childcare helper figured they/he/she had to follow Berg & ilk, then child abuse happened in their dormitory, not that anyone else necessarily got wind of it...the policy of open bedroomdoors wasn't implemented until pretty late, from what I personally remember.

If an area happened to be somewhat more revolutionary, due to some visits (- but mind you although Juan and others visited us once too, none of the "child-loving-up" was an issue, that I remember or for any other visit...but then I didn't have idea, what else they talked to leadership about)...then may be that area followed more the letters...I remember the winequota was some issue & matter of worry; sometimes also the dressing/appearance etc....again, I can say, that I had the impression, that in the homes I was in, no sexual
childabuse happened & I repeat myself here on the board, but may be things were different behind closed doors?

I can tell you how I understood much of Berg's teachings: he happened to be the prophet & "certainly people were treated best in his home & presence" (all the visitors raving about that), so I figured much more so the children.I couldn't really understand, what exactly Sarah and Co meant by love-up-time...& the pics were censored.

While being in India I could imagine, that because of the heat, you have to run around in the home half naked to bear the I didn't worry about that aspect either, plus in Europe nude-bathing of children & in special places along with naked adults is allowed...again no alarm-signals from that side.

Plus I hadn't studied the Dito and Techi-book as much as other letters although I probably read a good part to most of it.For the flood of material and the many responsibilities it seemed much to me, to be on top of everything.

Here I pose a question: if sexual abuses were so rampant in field homes (plus fairly early) wouldn't one expect some deep kissing of adult/child to be seen...that should have been a very high probability least I don't recount any such event or it went unnoticed.

Since I am at it, I want to remark on the dances of kids (veiled etc.) ...I can only remember a few
instances where girls - mostly after their mummies- performed a dance...if you could at all
call that.I personally felt it very unnecessary, but thought the girls really went for it, copying their mothers & wanted to be "in it" all those instances the girls were never stark naked.TG(allow that shout of relief, please)
I also don't remember any video showing little girls stark naked although we watched MWM ones & I don't remember even the adults to be completely naked.

All in all that doesn't absolve field-homes from other forms of guilt, damages they allowed to happen, but to just throw in my take of things.

I figure, things might have gotten more severe after 87, when comboing & close oversight was demanded.Just my opinion.