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Re: Mantra :-)

Posted by Farmer on December 12, 2007 at 18:43:57

In Reply to: Re: Mantra :-) posted by James on December 12, 2007 at 17:43:29:

It's a bit difficult to reply to that one, seeing, that you have still loved ones in TF and if rumours are true, I have fathered a girl/woman, named Katrina, daughter of Andrew and Mercy who had picked me up after I lost an Indian national as mate, due to the foolishness of FFing.After you get to know Jesus as personal saviour, it doesn't mean total victory over the power of theory/potentially, yes.

Were my ideals before rather of the experimental side/type - patchworkfamily, altruism/one wife etc. then they are now more & more only stemming from the scripture.If you take the promotion of FFing/templewhores:...sure you find in ancient civilisations templeprostitution, as Berg so excitingly remarked (what better way to prove your love for God, than doing all that for the true & supreme God etc.) took me very long to understand that there is another higher goal:

of living in faithfulness/fidelity inspite of all the temptations, just like Jesus...who the unbelievers claimed happens to be a "product"/ a child of a prostitute and a Roman soldier...aaaargh...anyway He was unlike that faithful...not giving in to temptation...Joseph & Hiob the David of old (or Lot & Abraham) suddenly has to serve as something of an example...he couldn't contain his human and how nice for Berg and others (even myself).Once you see through that garbage - much through Paul's writings - you can't help but denounce TF for it's all the covering up they did & still do.So if Katrina & mother (father/husband died years ago)
still happened to be in, I'd have only one advice - if they truly want to belong to the Lord - and that is to leave TF as quickly as save their own soul from corruption.

You can't continually break into others people's marriage or breaking your own one or whoring (unmarried) and think it doesn't hurt/harm you.It does.Splitting from loved ones deeply hurts, leaves wounds and marks and wasn't meant to be the revolutionary life of the end...much less carrying all that corruption over into the next relationship.Marriage was/is also serving as a living example/parable...the opposite,ridiculing fidelity etc. is just TF propaganda (in order to avoid the use of the word "prophecy").

I figure, they don't realise it, they slumber, sleep and may be it's your duty to wake them up???
It really hurts my consciousness, that I could be responsible for not telling Katrina &/or her mother.Delusion is a very powerful thing & strangely it seems to happen very drastically among the pentecostals & charismatic movements.
I have by now plenty experience, facts & figures.

They figure, they have it all & know not, that they are so poor.True, you can't force knowledge
on people, the deep kind...may be some facts & figures yes, but for more insight people need to be fed up & at the end of their former may be that hasn't happened with a good many of the ones still in TF....but I figure, they need to be warned: not Berg or Zerby count more than St.Paul/apostle's the other way around & TF doesn't get it.SO SAD.Plus Berg & Zerby count
as false plain as anything.So who would want to follow false prophets.(Many just got used to the live style...still better than a "system chore" or what?

James, what has changed now, I wouldn't know...since almost decades (plural) I have no contact to TF...not even to exers except this board & I feel fine about it, but also a burden to
say what was (is) deeply wrong...there is a legal side of the wrongdoing, but also a spiritual side to it, which they happen not to be aware about.If one is convinced to belong to the spiritual avantgarde, then an outsider has a tough standing...except for the word, which can demonstrate, that they are wrong and before the law they were (are) wrong as well.

I wished, they'd see that...I have some hopes that many more will leave.I mean if Apollos left, with all the word he knew, what makes people think, that they'd know better??No place like TF to serve the Lord...dead wrong...there are better ones...purer ones....but some might be too much in the rut to want to change...they're the (TF) proverbial chained eagles...