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Re: Yes, I am sensitive about this topic

Posted by Farmer on December 12, 2007 at 19:41:58

In Reply to: Yes, I am sensitive about this topic posted by Thinker on Decemeber 12, 2007 at 19:35:00:

Well, good that you explained more about that issue, that is not onlydear to you.Rarely that people can deal lightly with all formsof prejudice, including racial ones.

I wasn't aware of all the newer methods of defining and measearing the EQ, I was using it as a placeholder, variable (to be filled with the right word) to indicate, that there is more than just intelligence, which you might be able to measure fairly correct!?! I figured, it's much harder to measure the social abilities, the soft skills...but I am not on par with the latest on that one, not even remotely familiar with the basics. I happened to want to express, that with a good many people I don't care how "intelligent" they are, they are just a great gain to be around, they "scintilate" love, joy, life.I was even in my youth puzzled, when I saw documentaries about some people somewhere in the poorest boonies in the world and yet they would smile into the camera, in spite of all the poverty
they suffered...I usually thought, they are more than me, who can't take much discomfort, at least not yet to the shown level....

As far as the racial prejudices are concerned: they are simply what they are: pre-judices...judgements/opinions about people/races who might live among us or whom we have visited know that from your HD & the computersystem if you want to work a lot with pictures or videos/games etc., then one needs a
pretty powerful hardware to do that within reasonable time.To calculate all that is very complicated....translated into our topic I want to express: it takes a lot of very good information about the skills (or failures) of any
nation or people to pass a "fairer" judgement...
& according to my beliefs, no judgement, human one, is really final, but just a snapshot, a momentarily "good" impression.

However at some times we're asked about our opinions/impressions, & whatever we say about people & races happen to be prejudices, but they label the box of info we have or we could forget to commnicate & say, sorry I really don't know of my escapes in discussions in my youth & later, cause all is so "relative" & how would I have known or others.But sometimes you have to dare to say what you " feel" about a nation, a race, as subjective as that may be..."it's an impression/imprint" which might get corrected with the next influx of more information....the same we do at our workplace or in our neighborhood, to observe people & getting some form of opinion about them.To just say all people are basically/innerly "good" is also IMO some prejudice etc. etc. etc.

To give you one example about what puzzles me since ages & may be you have some response to it:

Africa happens to be rich in natural resources & many African states have their independence since ages/decades...yet they "don't get their act together it seems"...there was recently an article, a series in the weekly magazine Der Spiegel, where they posed exactly the same question of why and had actually little answers & where a bit clueless, as smart as the journalists otherwise know what I mean?It's just a bit odd.

Take Slovenia of former Yugoslavia, once they got out, that nation just boomed and paced quickly forward...

As I said pre-judices are what they are Pre -(mostly poor) judgements, but also based on observations...
Take the spirituality of Asians...yes it exists widely...I recently saw a survey & it showed that
India has somewhat of the lowest ratio of atheists
...that's an observation...a fact.So why not dwell
on those facts.

Berg happened to comment one time about the poor work-attitude of people, why he was in South Africa...I was never there, but I know people who really liked it there.Whether the world soccer tournament will be a success...let's see...I really wish it to be: for Africa as a whole...

But in your rough survey you pulled up "prejudices", who just happen to be fairly true...don't know about the French one though & the Italians...BTW...the Jews got good to be with money, because in history (of Europe) they weren't often allowed to form any other type of business, but to be with figure the Chinese are just as good as them ; ) ) and all the English happen to be polite having good manners...I don't know whether you're English, but that's just another prejudice I know, was never there...I figure, not all are like Mr. Higgins