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Kidney donations are publicity stunts, not altruism

Posted by Perry on December 14, 2007 at 15:31:42

I realize posting the following news article runs the risk of giving David McKay more "soap box" time here, but I think most posters here are able to see through his game and put him in his place, so to speak. He and his cult operate just like TF cult no matter how much he denies it. This link and excerpt is from the Wall Street Journal, Dec 13:

"Among the concerns, Mrs. Croft said her son refused to attend a family Christmas gathering without at least one other group member. And he wouldn't discuss his kidney donation plans without Mr. McKay present. "We need to hear from you and not anybody else," she said she told her son. He refused.

"Mr. McKay doesn't deny that he and the Jesus Christians exerted "enormous influence" over Mr. Falkingham, but he says it wasn't improper. "Anyone who has spoken to Ash knows that he is a man of character and strong will," Mr. McKay said in an email.

"When the Crofts found out in April that their adult son was planning to donate in Canada, Mr. Croft wrote to transplant programs across the country and to the health minister's office in Ontario laying out his concerns. The Jesus Christians "do publicity stunts to get attention. The kidney donation is part of this."