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Re: New M&P Letter Posted

Posted by Perry on January 08, 2008 at 17:39:51

In Reply to: Re: New M&P Letter Posted posted by Joseph on January 06, 2008 at 19:42:29:

Posters at NDN and Movingon, as well as Thinker here, have all made excellent criticisms of this apparent apology. The apology, which really contains nothing new, seems so ill-advised and transparent that I'm beginning to wonder if it really is authentic, as one poster at Movingon speculates.

The way it was posted, first on NDN, then here, and then on Movingon, is certainly a strange way to specifically address an apology to the 2nd Gen. Why wasn't it posted first on Movingon? It seems it was "leaked" to NDN, but the leaker doesn't post any confirming information. Instead, the paragraph introducing the apology refers to "3 or 4 letter series of "explanations" to current members". It would be nice to know more info about those letters. If it is genuine, there certainly seems to be an agenda behind it, making it disingenuous indeed.

That lead-in paragraph on NDN certainly suggests one motive behind the so-called apology: to internally re-write their history for current members. As someone else pointed out, it also sets-up former 2Gens as the bad guys again, for when they reject this apology, as they most certainly will, P & M can then say to their sycophants, "see, we have tried to apologize over and over, but those evil vandari just won't cooperate."