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Re: Advice, anyone? (reposted from journeys)

Posted by Mr. Don on January 11, 2008 at 06:07:56

In Reply to: Re: Advice, anyone? (reposted from journeys) posted by wresting with what to do on January 11, 2008 at 03:27:58:

I have to admit you are in a hard situation, but there are always solutions to hard situations. If you are not in the states I would suggest coming to the states and living someplace for 1 year to get residency. This you help you get in state tuition. Also there is federal grants for education, and also lots and lots of scholarships to be applied for to the point of awarding them to people who are left-handed. This website has them and when I went to college from going to this site I got 2 scholarships.
For your work situation that's a hard one, you might consider going to college yourself. I am 55 years ol and I just graduated from university for the first time. Many schools have adult education programs which are geared for working adults getting an education.I was able to recive federal grants to help with my tuition. There are also educational opportunities available online. I don't know where you stand religously but perhaps you could get some help from some churches by explaining your situaation.