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Re: losing faith

Posted by Farmer on January 14, 2008 at 11:19:32

In Reply to: Re: losing faith posted by katie on January 14, 2008 at 10:39:07:

I mean, at least he`s honest about it...the pastor that is...but it's not a unique case anyway.The German professor(ess) of theology Eta Linnemann (if I am not mistaken a pupil of "famous" Prof Bultmann) described in part of her biography (the full one I have yet to read) how she taught for years theology without faith in Jesus as the resurrected etc....she had a later conversion so to speak...

I've read, while still in TF in the late eighties, an article, where an anglican pastor denied the resurrection of Jesus...of such sorts you have actually quite a lot, but not all venture to say/confess it, but they show up in statistics, surveys which have been conducted among priests or rather pastors (lutheran).

Plus the normal "theological seminaries" of mainstream, big denominations are really not boosting much the faith, rather destroy it...few beginners in theology are strong enough to use the "misinformation" there for defence-purposes, plus they need a job later & questioning much of the "new hermeneutics" is not bringing you further up the ladder it seems, better then, to stay with the smaller ones, denominations that is.

The question for me is, what faith did this particular pastor have to begin with?I really "doubt", that you can loose real faith, although it could be, that under severe duress
torturing/persecution, inquisition you say things/do things, because you can't take it anymore.

What I am curious about though is, what do you "identify with"...and why wouldn't be Jesus Christ enough, in hope, faith & love? there
some severe lack, which you find hard to cope with?