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Some SG commentings

Posted by Swede2 on January 15, 2008 at 19:07:04

In Reply to: Re: To Maria and Peter: Why you have nothing to apologize for posted by susie on January 12, 2008 at 02:42:00:

I hope its okay to repost from their site, if not the coordinator can please remove!

from Ricardo
- A true apology also needs to cover the consequences of the actions performed.

from repost from NDN
- the letters were not misapplied by D.B. the ‘Law of Love’ according to David Berg allowed heterosexual contact with any age and any relative as long as it was done in Love.

From Jailbird
- Berg would have self destructed years before were it not for the [b/w]itch Zerby, who ferried him from country to country, kept the dude drunk, and laid in bed next to him recording and participating in the molestation of little girls.

- (Maria) personally presided over all of the Teen Torture centers from South America to the Far East. Reports were sent to her weekly. She knew what was happening in Maccau, Japan, Thailand, South America, North America, Europe, africa etc. ... Peter a cut the checks, or sent the monies to the various places.

- Peter raped little girls according to the Lord Justice Ward, and beat Mene, according to their own writings.

from afflick
- When an acquaintance says to you, "I apologize for whatever I may have done," he or she has failed to apologize adequately, because he or she has not acknowledged the offense and may not even believe an offense was committed. (by Aaron Lazare)