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Re: welcome? says who?

Posted by cog exer on January 25, 2008 at 00:15:02

In Reply to: Re: welcome? says who? posted by Dave McKay on January 24, 2008 at 23:12:30:

I don't feel robbed of safe space because you are posting here, Dave. I wonder why you do post here though, considering that, reasonably so, people will not be welcoming of you when you are here to defend your cult status of 'encouraged' body part donations, from kidneys to liver and is anything else on the menu? I think it's admirable to donate as needed with a relative or from a person who tragically dies and has donated organs, but a person in a cult does not have the capacity to make their own decision since there is a defined set of rights and wrongs.
I do think it's good you all spank the monkey instead of reproducing for the most part. I'd hate to see another second generation screwed up.
Have you ever thought of retiring your position of control and seeking help? I suppose it's possible but not probably for a person that leads a cult.
Maybe you could be a first and then people like Joe could be reunited with his family and decide to do missions work if he wants to without the pressure to conform to programing and possibly injure himself donating organs. What a tragedy that would be. I wish you all well, in the sense of getting help and stopping the insanity. It should say a lot that the Quakers, known for their tolerance, have reached the limits of their tolerance for the JC's!
You copy so much of Berg's already partially plagierized early work and incorporate some of your practices, like discouragement of marriage, having children, etc. Donating body parts. God, man! I SO FEEL SORRY FOR JOE's PARENTS, FAMILY and for JOE. Well meaning as he is, something made him vulnerable to join your movement.