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Why no news regarding B. Kelly?

Posted by on January 25, 2008 at 06:44:18

Re replies to my message, firstly, it is
surprising that nothing further has been
heard about/from Bobby Kelly. It would be very
interesting to know if he remained with the
JC after his teen years and what his viewpoint
is now.
As the case of Bobby Kelly made so much news I
would have assumed it would have been followed up.
Hasn't the JC organisation said anything on the


PS. I became an evangelical at age 13, and left
at about 18. About the time I jettisoned my
belief, I met the CoG in Hyde Park, London (ca.
1971) and on raising a number of awkward
questions about Christian belief and their teachings, I was 'warned off' by some rather
large CoG members. They seemed weird even then.