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Not to change the subject!!!!

Posted by on January 26, 2008 at 10:27:17

I was wondering if there are any single ex family people out there that might be interested in having a discussion. I was in TF 20 years have been out since 1990, have 8 kids and was married for 33 years. I am newly single as my ex has decided that he would rather live with his girlfriend.

We have such a colorful background (that is an understatement)that I fear that I could easily scare someone off if I were to tell them even some of the story and yes it is my story so I need to be truthful.

My family experience is very much part of who I am as evidenced by the large numberd of children if nothing else. Somehow I feel that I may relate more to other exers so am I am wondering what some of your experiences have been.