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Re: "through" a verb? (confused...)

Posted by Farmer on January 27, 2008 at 02:53:22

In Reply to: Re: "through" a verb? (confused...) posted by Perry on January 26, 2008 at 16:29:12:

I am honest (& therewith mean) now...I thought it'd be "fun" if it were a mistake of yours, but I was still wondering, whether I "interpreted" my unabridged Webster's in the short time available in the right I was also not 100% certain...could have missed something, although I gave that little chance.Ain't easy anyway English..spelling that is...if I remember right from school, it seems to have the biggest vocabulary of the languages in the world?!Blame it on the ancestors, who weren't very consequent in spelling/pronounciation.

Don't worry, lighten up...I did plenty mistakes myself...for often - nowadays - I don't take too much time, like going over my posts once or twice again, to appear more respectable.

But seriously, I am a bit upset reading posts at my "favourite" Swiss/German chatboard where the owner & main contributor posts regularly during his lunchbreaks & doesn't care one bit to eradicate some or many typos.One could think of a dyslexiac in's a bit annoying to read that & it's only countered in effect by the pretty good subject/content...
So your & others - mine included - error(s)here is(are) nothing in comparison.

Aren't you "glad, somebody is keeping an eye on you"? I am silly again...I am notoriously sarcastic/ironic...but hardly in English.

If you want, you could consider it as a "pay back" for your remark of "cutting me some slack"
during the pot/kettle-debate ; )...but actually I am not that "unforgiving"...have a good weekend...
by the way, you did some very good job with your website..looks pretty professional.It seems, you're good photographer.Great! (of course I don't share the basic opinions there, but they'd give some fodder for debate)

Time permitting I want to comment more about a moral/logical conflict you put yourself into with your comment/post...on the one hand you "allow" people their personal moral yardstick, let's say here e.g. stemming from the Bible & on the other hand you "complain" about how widespread the use of the Bible is.I doubt, that you can stand strong in such heavily polarised field of interests.You want to respect the right of every individual, but at the same time you're convinced, the content of the Bible is rubbish or dangerous.

You know, that the catholic church did forbid once in history the reading of the Bible by yourself as a lay man.I do think, that you can misread & misinterpret a lot of things, especially not knowing the biblical languages.Seeing the amount of false sects & "churches", I have almost some sympathy for that decision, although I have the feeling, the CC did decide on that, so that there wouldn't be any competition from anyone.

I immagine you to be a person, who would rather "forbid" the spreading of the Bible or am I wrong here?But how can somebody learn to like the Bible & decide personally for it, if the spreading would be hindered ? Am I misjudging you ?