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Re: welcome? says who?

Posted by cog exer on January 28, 2008 at 00:38:10

In Reply to: Re: welcome? says who? posted by Dave McKay on January 27, 2008 at 15:01:44:

The difference is, I am talking to a cult leader and this is a site for ex-members who are overcoming the toxic cess pool of living under megalomaniacal narcissitic personality disordered cult leaders. It would be different if you questioned your weird doctrines and splitting families up and began to think maybe you were on the wrong track and wanted to talk about how you got involved in the family then started your own monkey spanking/ kidney and partial liver donations ultra controlled cult where I am sure members feel obligated to give up their organs and eat garbage in third world countries for Jesus.
Also, you didn't answer about JOE. SO SAD he isn't with his family! And thinking how his life is at risk, possibly in Kenya while you fled when the political heat got turned up, leaving others to defend the faith. Wonder if Joe is still there? Is he even still alive? Do you know?
I watched the psycho demostration of having yourself and your disciples take lashings for what Joes family did in desperation to get their brother back. It was wrong, what they did, but what you did was bizarre.
What you do, what you teach, it's weird. We don't want to hear about your doctrines. The quakers don't want you and neither do we.
Not unless you wanted to abdicate your leadership and dismantle your cult and help people get back to their countries of origin and continue their education and get the chance to live a normal life.