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Re: hi

Posted by Farmer on January 30, 2008 at 06:31:08

In Reply to: Re: hi posted by CB on January 29, 2008 at 20:21:40:

CB thanks for arguing so "nicely" with me, no sarcasm, I really appreciate your line of argumentation here and really getting what I meant.I skimmed through that letter, which kind of was "almost new" to me, because I had forgotten the contents.It reads a bit, from the
paragraphs relating to it...I did speedreading on top of things escalated...they tried different things and it didn't work...I guess their phantasy was limited, as we were really limiting ourselves much in that time...the prayer there is not what you would call an's a "longdistance one"...the spiritual argumention we won't regard here...however it should be noted that Berg argues here as I recalled by memory in a reply/post the TF distinction: attack, oppression, possession....that was TF-line...the "official theology"...PB has a point, if he blames (false)theology/religion for much in the world...can't help but agreeing...but what is wrong, is to make out from those quotes I read from that letter an exorcism....even if that happened later...seing what happened also to Mene... they would have to be based on more quotes.Either those quotes exist and we haven't cited them yet or they don't exist & TF went beyond the letters.Wouldn't know right now, what is/was the case, and frankly for right now I lack the time to research in that regard, but I'd say it makes a very worthy subject in clear up that aspect of child-"education" in TF.

You're are very right and I am amazed how much you formulate what I was thinking too, what marks the difference between the "sins" of TF and
societiy.Even if you find parents, who sexually abuse their kids or let'm knowingly to be abused for whatever weirdness, TF is pretty unique in giving that all a "spiritual"/religious/christian
cloak, explanation and platform...the traumatas may be same or similar, but the dramatic thing about it is, it seems to make evil look nice, whereas the evil in society just is unteinted evil...although horrid enough to make you puke...may be that's my line, that we shouldn't just "flee into the s a f e arms of society", when in many instances, they really behave like wolves in wolves clothes, although many SGAs suspect them first to be "sheep"...the system at it's worst to be better than TF...may be, but at times I am very horrified at what people are capable of...that was/is my frame of mind and train of other words if we attack TF it'd seems reasonable to me to attack the society in the very same things...sure not everybody "lives by faith" but in a sexual abuse, does the judge want to know, whether you have religious beliefs and do they enter much in the judgement?Isn't that offense like the other?

In Germany the liability is sometimes reduced, if the offender is under the influence of drugs/alcohol (personally I find that loophole a bit questionable, like taking some alcohol before the preplanned crime)

Anyway,glad to talk to an expert in such a field...all the best...