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Re: Here I go with my mantra

Posted by Farmer on January 30, 2008 at 14:30:39

In Reply to: Re: Here I go with my mantra posted by Thinker on January 30, 2008 at 09:29:00:

I guess we have some agreement, but I think you misread my intentions of wanting to know times and places...for me it's really not a big thing to say where I was and when & I have done it, I thought it might be valuable in general to realise where what happened to what degree, because frankly I "hated" reading on many boards this generalisation thing going on: FGAs are all stupid, are all molesters & so on & so forth...
If people want to believe that, outsiders that is & even FGAs in some false attempt to rectify the past, it's up to them...I am all for saying how ugly it was...& even that what I experienced - FFing that is - people in the system would may be shrug their shoulders & say: did you have a good time or what wife sharing is concerned (swinger-clubs in countless places in the "system") what is morally very bad for us now, isn't any more bad for a lot of people...if people are all stealing, how can somebody be seriously convicted/acccused for steeling, without the others being hypocrites...I remember, that in Germany corporal punishment got to be forbidden after we had left after Sweden it was already earlier...that means society is also evolving & probably TF has to also mind nowadays what they do in what country...regarding corporal punishment.

I said Berg was clueless, because it reads like that & I don't know why they made such a big ado
about it...sure, they always had to spiritualise everything and here they found some "hitchhiking material"...we could discuss it somewhere else, but fact is, they always felt being attacked from some side...labouring so hard & blah,blah...I mean they felt like at the hub & nerve of the spiritual world and these were "problems in combat".In their frame of mind understandable, but little did we know about really understanding the biblical it's own that sense I thought it was "funny" how helpless Berg you remember any prayer for healing that worked?I don't remember o n e....I mean immediate healing.
So the bedwetting was another instance, where "their power" didn't work...if you don't find that remarkable...I do.

Bottomline...your experiences sound very likely and possible...but I must say, I also remember loving, caring parents, at least that is my perception.I am not arguing about the deficiencies in childcare, which are numerous and also I am not talking about Victor camps either...that's actually where the timefactor makes some differenc IMO and that's where I have no first hand, insight experience.And another thing is possible, a a lot of things are so much in the very back of my mind, that I do wonder, whether I remember right...nothing uncommon for judges, who ask witnesses for crimes long time past.

Glad you didn't witness any excorcisms in that regard...that's sarcasm intended.