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TF on bedwetting etc.

Posted by Simon on January 30, 2008 at 16:56:16

In Reply to: Re: hi posted by CB on January 29, 2008 at 20:21:40:

While I think a number things are wrong in TF, I think we here got to apply a bit of salt to what is actual doctrine within the family, what is old hat, the past, and what differs today. Sorry, but I never smacked my child because he wet the bed. Sure, I wasn't a happy guy when it happened in the middle of the night, but thats life. I didn't apply an exocism over him either. The way you write, leads me to believe you where never in the TF, and are just speculating, trying to make an issue out of something that was not. Sure, Berg wrote the letter, but he wrote loads of letters, some about heads being on tables, swimming in sewage etc (his dream machine), but I know I never engaged in such stuff. It's a bit like common sense if you know what that is. I got kids in TF today, and I know for sure they have some common sense about most things. So, go after the dead man all you want or Maria & Peter, but don't be so cocky to say "The Family" of today engage all of Bergs writings.