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Do 3-G Children call Karen Z., "Mama" or "Grandma"?

Posted by Ouestions on January 31, 2008 at 02:44:29

I'm somewhat curious about family dynamics these days and wonder if third generation children refer to KZ as "Grandma" like 2G called Berg "Grandpa".
Also, are homes now larger groups of people? As in more than the loosely controlled RNR period when a lot of people went mobile and there were rare regional meetings? (So kids were around their parents and maybe one other family on a regular basis, in many cases.)
I know berg instituted camps and all that horror. In the way the family is today, are kids still culled out into groups and trained by many different people, pledging allegiance to KZ and DAPA(p.a. for peter amsterdam)?
Are they taught to call them "king" and "queen" and is peter refered to as king and papa or just king?
In large homes, are kids still somewhat institutionalized as far as confusion on who their daddy is, (because of "sharing" between adult family members)? And are there child care workers that teach doctrine?
I know these are a lot of questions, but maybe someone who has left recently can answer them. I would be very interested in a timeline that gives a thumbnail sketch on acronym changes, doctrine changes, levels of secrecy, organizational structure, as far as who teaches kids the semi-sanitized version of LJR and when their parents are practicing, where are the kids?
Are the parents and teen youth practicing at their get-togethers? Are they allowed alcohol as minors being considered adults in the family?
I was thinking about how alcohol and sex seem to be the basic okayed things that keep teens and youth in the family. Hormones are raging and where else is so much excess encouraged?
Are there already articles that provide a timeline of outward changes of doctrine (inward secrecy and practices kept on inner level that are incriminating.)
Also, wouldn't KZ's statement in the early to mid nineties in a Summit Jewels letter that indicated youth were getting the wrong idea (to move away from sexualizing children because the charter was created and new excommunication restraints were set down ON PAPER) and that there's nothing wrong with a little fondling, be enough to FRY HER and get her on an FBI list like Warren Jeffs since he was pretty tame on collateral damage compared to TF..
Anyone's thoughts on this?
And on creating a timeline of levels of secrecy and doctrinal changes (on paper vs. behind the scenes reality)