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Re: TF on bedwetting etc.

Posted by Farmer on January 31, 2008 at 15:27:03

In Reply to: Re: TF on bedwetting etc. posted by CB on January 30, 2008 at 21:36:41:

Key word and key to a lot of TF's problems is : high demand...I guess they never found the right balance between a demanding religion/God and a loving/forgiving they went on I think they became increasingly demanding...just my impression...may be they became a bit more lenient to "some" (circles of followership) in order to loose not too many anymore.

I'd agree with you with the statistical side, but what if you sompared just the lowincome/unemployed strata of society with TF...I think the danger of abuse should be similar.For me that's one shameful thing of the past, to have not "earned" the means of living and I think it was a very bad policy in general...I also wanted to let you know, that it was good you asked here about the bedwetting problem/policy in TF...actually I missed that one reading on the board.
Good, that you are concerned and want to find out more.
For me the bottomline is very simple and hasn't changed: in any event is better to leave TF and be out...much, much matter what little changes they did....because the real good revolution would be to abandon all leadership...stop paying tithe and leave them in the corners they crawled to...I guess that's just a dream for now...