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Re: Bobby Kelly

Posted by Mig on January 31, 2008 at 19:57:35

In Reply to: Re: Bobby Kelly posted by Perry on January 29, 2008 at 18:03:00:

I assure you I have a little experience talking (though not debating) people who hide their animosity towards those who believe. And I say "believe" in the generic notion that one believes in the supernatural, in some order whose explanation goes beyond the material and phenomena that is beyond normal understanding. For example, believe in that humans are all good, or all evil, or some sort of similar composition of a statement of faith.

In that sense, even I believe with a healthy amount of skepticism.

I don't necessarily believe in generalizations of that sort because all humans come in a very individualized shape and form. Each one of us is only equal to himself, or herself, and nobody else. I believe that there is something beyond the material and that there is a God in that "something". In fact, I believe that our own personal impressions of that God is impressed in us, somewhere within us. And we all know it in the dark: "What do you see when you turn out the light?"

So even though I need a little help from my friends, my ideas are very personal, just like yours. I am glad of not being in charge of the world, and I am certainly glad that neither you are.

But I am glad that I live in a place where I can think freely and worship my God, the One of my selection, and that I can read the Bible and that I can teach my children to also find their own God and Path without the interference of those who want to shove a Bible down their throats but also without those who would prevent them from reading their Bibles.

One, the extreme you seem to argue against and try to combat, is as bad as the other extreme, the one you seem to defend and try to promote.

What is wrong with allowing people to freely select their own way? Some people want to take that freedom away. Are you one of them? You certainly seem so. By wanting to prevent me and my children access to the Bible, or whichever other religious books we want to have, you show that don't want freedom and equality, you want to take away and destroy my freedom and that of my children.

Sorry , but I prefer my Christianity. And I am not equating it with other forms of Christianity. What is mine is mine and not necessarily the same as that practiced and believed by other Christians. As long as I don't interfere with your freedom, with other people's freedom, I think it is pretty good.

On the other hand, your religion of pushing your ideas on others by taking away access to important (to them) sources of inspiration and support doesn't look too good from this side of the room. It looks more like spiritual fascism. Hmmm, now that sounds terribly familiar.