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Re: Bobby Kelly

Posted by on February 04, 2008 at 11:51:36

In Reply to: Re: Bobby Kelly posted by Perry on January 24, 2008 at 18:27:38:

Ive recently come to learn that putting my personal details on the net is not such a good idea(fraud), so i thought id put my name in a search and delete any files that need to be deleted.
It seems now im here, i best post a reply to the original message by David.
Let me say first that it certainly wasnt a sad story, the only thing sad about it was the fact that i was unable to explore the world and the people in it as i wished.
When the opinions and ideals of whole populations are controlled by a television, is that not manipulation?, let me tell you that i never regret approaching the JC'S, if it wasnt for them, i may have never freed myslef from the religious perspective that one should look to others for inspiration and energy, for instance Jesus.
I remember the time this all happened quite well, and let me tell you that i was very much able to make life changing decisions, in fact, after a while of living in their community, i envisaged myself leaving after a year.
But instead i was pushed aside as a child.....shhh these people are bad, but you just dont know.....
Is it not so that one needs to experience before he is experienced, for one can only make judgements about the world through empirical evidence.
I do not agree with the beleifs of the JC'S, but if i where to believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, i would much prefer to be a real christain(one that devotes their life to god...not just the sunday social(church)), rather than absorb the hypocracy of the church, ultimatly
If the church actaully taught "the word of god", hardly anyone would turn up.
I believe that religion is just another system of control, and Jesus was more likely a Mason than a God, but hey, what do i know...
Lastly let me say David, that your "story" is yours, you are the maker and keeper of your destiny, for nothing is predestined(in my opinion).