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Hey everyone, I am still reading and listening.

Posted by Ready on February 05, 2008 at 22:06:28

I still read the boards from time to time. I have seen some very enlightening programs on utube and foxtel.
I saw some things, but in comparison to poor Davidito, Mene, Techi and Davida, it was nothing.
I have special pain in relation to Mene as I was a young girl in Malta myself on Mothers Team. I feel for Shulamite and Adonis, I am sure they were in some footage I saw.
I am so fine now I almost feel guilty. I live in Australia, have a good job, a loving partner and my six kids are fine. I was always in trouble for being overprotective of my kids and I have had no crimes perpetrated on my children from the family. I was on the fence most of the time. Terrified of going to hell, but never over rode the protective nature in regards to my children.
I cried buckets over the shit I got dumped on me in this group. Hey you bunch of sheep that followed the wolf, doesn't it feel great taking your life back!!!!
I accept that I was food for the group, and I have taken therapy to help me gain control of myself and say no.
I hope many that I knew and cared for are ok. Nathanial family from Malta and the arc in Casis, Jacob and Hope, Ziba, Vessel and Shula.
Dodai and his family, Sunshine and her family.
In England I hope so many have surived and thrived. French Canadian Mary, we were together in Staten Island, you were with Joseph Flowers then.
I send love and hope to all, so many with a good heart, just so vulnerable. I hope all of you survived the abuse and your children also.
Seeing the "royal children" suffering so much makes me sick.
David and Judy from America, I know you tried to see if I was fit for the royal household when you gave me that paperwork to fill in and I thank god I did not give the answers you needed.
Michael and Ruthie, I hope you are alright.