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extreme abuse in Teacher`'s Training College

Posted by Farmer on February 06, 2008 at 21:16:18

I don't know if the "collective hurt" of many woman...poor...neglected...disabled...and weak in the world is of any significant meaning to the exploited, abused individual...I just conclude, that it's a pretty bad world ...and everybody seems to contribute some minor or bigger bad part to it or am I wrong?...I hope people do recover from any such trauma:
AHMEDABAD: This was a sex den, just like the one in Nithari. Nobody outside knew what was happening inside the Primary Teacher's Training College (PTC) in Patan for 10 years.

Located on a lush campus on the outskirts of this ancient capital of Gujarat, the eight-feet boundary wall was enough to ensure complete privacy for the campus. Unlike Nithari, where the victims had to be lured inside, here they were trapped the moment they stepped into the hostel.

Their teachers were looking at them as prospective prey - girls they could get into bed on the sheer power derived out of their control over the internal marks in examinations.

It took one victim's extremely traumatised condition to bring this shocking incident to the public domain. The focus is right now on six teachers arrested by the police, but the dragnet could be cast wide if the government is really interested in getting to the bottom of the incident.

From accounts coming out of the campus, it appears that the rapists used to choose girls from poor background and lower castes to prey upon. In the present lot of 98 girls, at least 15 were being exploited sexually while the rest were all subjected to harassment by these men. They used to make lewd remarks even in the classrooms.

The students could not protest because their parents had worked hard to send them to the college. If they had told their parents that they were regularly getting raped by their teachers, their parents would have pulled them out of the college and asked them to keep mum, lest it hamper their marriage prospects.

In the main victim's case, the father belongs to the lowest of the low castes and hails from a village near Visnagar. His wife and he earn around Rs 50 a day as farm labourers. The victim has two sisters - both married - and are at present in their parents' home as they are pregnant.

When the news spread, the parents rushed to the rescue of their youngest daughter. They are now by her side as she gets psychiatric treatment at a hospital in Ahmedabad.

The incident comes as a blow to the government's programmes like 'Beti Bachao' and 'Kanya Kelavani', which are targeted against female foeticide and to promote girls' enrolment in schools. No father would believe these promises if the government offers their daughters as easy fodder to a bunch of beasts, who have further maligned a profession that has long since lost the 'noble' tag.

Again, this can't be an isolated incident. After the government ordered a magisterial inquiry into the case on Tuesday, the danger is that it may remain restricted to Patan. There could be many more Patans waiting to explode in the government's face if corrective measures are not taken.

In this case, how did the government manage to evade posting any woman at the institute for 10 years is baffling.

The larger conspiracy needs to be unearthed. For most of these 10 years, it was the supposedly efficient and head strong Anandiben Patel - present revenue minister and Patan MLA - who was in control of the education department, which ensured only male teachers ruled PTC, Patan.