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Re: Not Bs

Posted by Perry on February 09, 2008 at 17:31:48

In Reply to: Re: Not Bs posted by Mr. Don on February 09, 2008 at 11:07:25:

It's pretty funny that you criticize my research skills by citing one website. But it's even funnier because in your haste to criticize, you misread my post. Why is it that my critics so often misread and misrepresent my arguments?

If you reread my post more carefully you will clearly see that what I referred to as b.s. was not the number of people persecuted in the witch trials. No, what I referred to as b.s. was the author's contention that the worst religious persecution ever in the U.S. was those witch trials. I pointed out, to the contrary, that the worst religious persecution in America and the Americas was the genocide of indigenous peoples. On that point you are curiously silent, perhaps again because of your haste to criticize me.

You rely on one article and one website to criticize my research skills, which says a lot more about my skills than yours. I feel fairly confident in assuming that I have read far more primary historical sources than you have, on both religious persecution of indigenous peoples and on the religious persecution of so-called witches during the Inquisitions in Europe, though not in Salem (but I wasn't taking issue with the author's numbers there).