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Re: Tribute to lost youth

Posted by Farmer on February 25, 2008 at 13:18:03

In Reply to: Re: Tribute to lost youth posted by CB on February 25, 2008 at 10:58:39:

I am not an expert on this, but I would say, that a good many members of the Hitler youth were there out of their own choice, as the structure was similar to that of boyscouts a matter of fact, that's where Hitler gained a lot of favour, at the grassrootlevel
As a remember a documentary about how Hitler came to power, that is something really "scary", the enthusiams of the folks.You might have thought, he'd be some kind of genius, "saviour"...something pop and moviestars encounter...though even less...women throwing flowers on his car passing by, none of that was forced or lookeed like it...

On the other hand no one of the teens of TF seemed to be in the camp much of their own will there...they had to knuckle under leadership & or their parents...

On the other hand there was later in Germany an inflation of membership of the SS...they just made people to members even without their consent or without much way of protesting & getting out, that came into light through the debate of the SS-membership of nobelprizewinner GŁnther Grass etc....even the present pope was at least member of the regurlar army...but I think he hardly serve, if I remember right.

So some of that stuff is relative in importance...that is ...not so important

In comparing you have to have all the facts together...about the Hitler youth andalso about the Teens of TF...that's where I budge, as I don't have super many facts on either side, but have the feeling, that the comparison would be "limping" as you say in German

Also I am not convinced, that Berg and leadership were having knowinglybrainwashing/brainpolluting people...youth etc....that their doctins amount to brain & heartpollution is something altogether different, I wouldn'targue about...but what I find highly unlikely is, that they knew how wrong they were...some argue in favour of CIA involvement and the rest.I think for the time being of some leadership being highly deluded into thinking they were right, by applying scripture the very wrong way, by the which they became super powerful tools over the minds of people with no to little developed skills to discern those evils & misconcepts.
The same is true in the political arena for something like fascism and communism, but they have a harder time to stamp out the religious sentiments of people, although the Nazis were damn successful to use the Jews as scapegoats to which the state-churches didn't dare to protest, probably misapplying Romans 13 etc.
So I think Berg seriously thought to be so wonderful and such special prophet and we didn't apply the scriptures right, having no experience
prior in rightly dividing the least not me and a good many other folks I knew, being formerly really uneducated as far as the Bible is concerned.