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Re: Tribute to lost youth

Posted by Farmer on February 26, 2008 at 15:11:47

In Reply to: Re: Tribute to lost youth posted by CB on February 25, 2008 at 19:24:07:

In case you don't know too much about Napola, the elite-schools for Nazi youngsters, you could have a look at the wiki description or google more, as it definetely is quite interesting

They also made a movie about that:

May be I shared already those following links about one of the Nazis "breeding projects"...almost as gruesome (or as gruesome?) as the various elimination-programs.The church nowadays acknowledges their guilt in being quiet, that's reminds me to speak out against any neonazi-idiocies happening nowadays...Today I saw a youth with a swastika sign crossed out on the jacket, very good for him, should have talked to him at the petrol station...I kind of had to grin when Madonna googled recently about R.Kipling, as she first mistakingly thought, he'd be some kind of a Nazi, just to find out that the Swastika sign is very common in India...

In my sentiments for the SGAs I sometimes thought of comparing the teen camps with concentration camps or some type of gulags, but I think that is not really the most adequate way to compare something like the Teen camps.

Jews in nowadays Germany are very adamant and watchful how things are done & worded in Germany, if it happens to concern them or some minorities etc....e.g. the cardinal of Cologne, if I remember right, Meisner, had compered the aborted children with the holocaust & had to relativate the whole thing...some time later he made the comparison of some modern art with the degenerated art forbidden under the caused heavy see, I don't dare too much to compare here ; ) and frankly I don't see the need & justice in it...howbeit I think there are in any case lessons to learn from: totalitarian political regimes and totalitarian religious groups.