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Re: TF in Uganda

Posted by Farmer on March 02, 2008 at 11:38:08

In Reply to: Re: TF in Uganda posted by Peter Frouman (post restored) on February 27, 2008 at 18:02:48:

Really a very good research job, I googled yesterday for about 15 minutes with the keywords of kibbuz and something like sexual freedom etc. I had no real significant hit, but was under the assumption that in some hard to find quotes on chat-boards there seemed to be lingering the idea of quite a lot of "freedom"...may be I should have used abuse as a key word.Thank you for your input!!!!!...and quite a bad surprise, but actually I am rather not too surprised...if you know what I mean?!
Recently there was also the news about pupils of a boarding school on the isle of Jersey being continuiously sexually abused by their overseers & even instigated to abuse each are hardly fun anymore.
You just have to have some"craving"/dissatisfied adult in power and something desirable under his power and influence and very soon that very "thing" becomes an object/subject of abuse, as a means for (impossible) "satisfaction" (which has to be repeated)

I am sure you saw that meanwhile at movingon:

from Tester
Friday, February 29, 2008 - 07:47
Thats interesting how he compares the cult communes to the Israeli Kibbutz.

My mother is from Israel and grew up in a Kibbutz from the time she was a baby till she was about 18. There is little or no comparison between the two. For a start each family has their own little house within the community where they can operate as a family. They work together like a co-op on the farms and whatever else they produce on the Kibbutz and share the profit. While they do have community dinning halls and facilities, you are able to keep your identity and remain as family unit as long as you do your work and contribute to the kibbutz. They are fully integrated into society and allowed to come and co as they please. A lot of the Kibbutz even send their kids to outside schools if they can not afford to have a properly trained teacher and facility.

They do not "share kids" or pass wives around or subject their followers to endless brainwashing. And they encourage outsiders too come and work and stay for a spell if they please.

May be it'd be worth to share your quotes there though??!