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Posted by Farmer on March 03, 2008 at 02:52:52

This link I picked up reading at moving on is unfortunately very new to contents & it's
"highliest" troubling & disturbing...I can't believe those leaders, what asses they were (are).
I never knew they had Mene locked into something amounting to a cell.Unbelievable cruel...besides the abuse/rape...I guess people read that before...I didn't & also that they got on the kids of leaders,makes "sense" dominate or humiliate the leaders...this is all so disgusting & shameful, I would want all my tithe back & giving it to some real good cause.Thnak God the poison in the "realms above" of TF was somewhat diluted down at the grassroot-level,may be that's why I had the nerve to endure all that rot besides being deluded anyway.