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Re: TF in Uganda

Posted by Perry on March 06, 2008 at 16:21:56

In Reply to: Re: TF in Uganda posted by Juliana on March 06, 2008 at 12:03:20:

Thanks Juliana. Good work. I'm especially glad you addressed the claim that childhood photos of seemingly happy, smiling children proves there was no abuse. It's the same sick tactic they used to denounce Ricky, as are most of the other criticisms they level against you and your sisters.

Perhaps CB or others more familiar with issues of child abuse have more insights on photos like that, but I think its fairly obvious that TF would only take and keep photos of "happy" children. As you point out, "We were not allowed to not smile when sitting for photographs ...".

It is well-known that TF attempted to purge from their publications any photos or pictures depicting sexual abuse. Furthermore, it's highly unlikely photos were taken of children or adolescents suffering deprivation, punishment or physical abuse. The photos of smiling children are meaningless if they are not viewed in context and balanced by photos of children wearing silence restriction signs around their necks, locked in isolation, beaten with rods or paddles, engaged in forced hard labor, coerced and intimidated by intensive, lengthy indoctrination sessions, etc, etc, all of which was going on at the time the "happy" photos were taken.

TF has always viewed its children as little more than public relations tools and charming, irresistable proselytizers and fund-raisers. They merely pay lip service to children's rights in their latest so-called apology.