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Re: Background to "Open Letter of Apology" to SGAs

Posted by Farmer on March 07, 2008 at 01:25:08

In Reply to: Re: Background to "Open Letter of Apology" to SGAs posted by Thorwald on March 06, 2008 at 14:57:24:

I feel sorry for you & your team, that you got such a harsh reply to your very polite and frank request.After all, if they meant a little bit of what they wrote in the "apology", they would have welcomed any questions, to settle any misunderstandings etc.The apology sounds pretty "Peterish" or "Zerbish" in lingo, typical TF-style, although plenty people would be now
eloquent enough to copy that "style". I assumed,
it happened to be authentic...but wondered about its purpose.They address especially the exer-SGA
community- if I remember right - and afford themselves this silly outcry about your website, which happens to be very good, especially informative.What's wrong about presenting the facts on a website (Jesus being the truth, the way...)

They like in their pubs the mentioning of the "ministry of truth" (now, which letter was that...fuse, smoke...groan) and act just the same, afraid to tell the ugly truth, rather
whitewashing the sepulchres like the Pharisees they are.I doubt, that they never visited your website before, I figure, they monitor the exer community enough...

Since you asked so gentlemanlike...and they refused to answer, the consequence is, that they'll get the answers presented on the exer-websites by pubs "leaving"/leakingthrough TF.

"My conclusion" is: it happens to be a publicity-trick with not much substance behind.They are just not very convinced to have done something wrong...proof: they would have treated you betterin their response.