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Dear James,

Posted by Coordinator on March 09, 2008 at 21:39:34

In Reply to: Re: Spanking Kids Increases Risk Of Sexual Problems As Adults posted by James on March 09, 2008 at 20:39:44:

Thank you for sharing with us you can still get it up.

I'm willing to bet you didn't even ready the article.

Did you see its definition of "sexual problems?"
HINT: it has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction or damaged reproductive organs or inability to have sex.

Do you understand "increases risk?"
HINT: it's not the same as "it will cause."

In your rush to reply to Perry's post and poo all over "BS studies," you demonstrated your enthusiasm for answering a matter before hearing it.

And, why make it personal and ask about someone's damaged sex life? If it was true that Perry was abused, your manner would have been very injurous, but I suppose that was your point. If anyone was abused, it's their story to tell, if they choose to, and in their own time. Your insensitive taunting typifies an abusive personality. Show some respect, or you will get banned for abrasive behavior. And I don't mean you will just increase the risk of it.

Why the emotional backlash, James? Are you still having trouble reconciling the confusion you felt about your Daddy spanking you? Are you trapped in cyclic intergenerational-abuse and protecting your right to hit your children at will? There, how did that feel? Did I get too personal? Please don't bother to answer, it was rhetorical.

Consider yourself warned.