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Re: How about this study and it's significance for Exers:

Posted by Farmer on March 10, 2008 at 15:18:26

In Reply to: Re: How about this study and it's significance for Exers: posted by Teacher on March 10, 2008 at 08:49:51:

Very good that you left and I wish too that I'd had left earlier...sad to say I had to much "hate" for church & system too much fear of the Lord of the wrong kind (instilled by TF), that I couldn't answer sooner the question:To whom should I go...

Sure you can read about, be informed about abuse, if I understand correctly your train of's not that I was zero informed...I just wondered, whether that study makes any sense to us Exers and our failure to sooner intervene or protest.If I had met some teenager or kid or whatever crying in my presence and telling me what had happened, sure I would have believed...I tend to believe people immediately, when they are very uptight and emotional.But I saw more the "better" sides of TF and I was mislead to think, that Berg did everything in the best kind of I interpreted love up times in the Davidito-series a bit "my way".
Also the pic of Davidito with his "nunny" my mind had filtered and read in a different way:

I was circumsized with twelve on my own request
(what I had informed myself about in a Teen-magazine)
since I hade a similar problem as Davidito.For some reason I interpreted the pic that way, the whole stuff wasn't really priority in my life, as I had no kids of my own that time.I perceived Berg to be the great theological idolsmasher, allowing at least first in theory, what churches forbade (and scripture too,if one read the Bible well enough) and my reasoning was, that real love wouldn't do harm to others...for some reason I wasn't getting the connection between him being abused by his Mexican nunny & him trying to do the same & us agreeing to it or allowing it.

I think my main thoughts were concerning survival & finding my "perfect" mate...other things seemed not to be that I got used to Berg saying one day this another month something else.