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Abandoned old people

Posted by Farmer on April 16, 2008 at 11:00:45

My mother is in a good old folks-home with really dedicated workers there...last year after an operation, due to many falls (Parkinson) she
also had a very severe brain-stroke.It's such a pitiful state, that I wondered, what I would be like with 88 years old, if I would reach that age at all,
plus her pension covers the cost, due to hard work in pension wouldn't be half by that time of the amount needed.

At movingonorg there is a very understandable discussion going on, about how the "SGAs" feel having been abandoned, exploited & abused by the FGA generation...I feel very sorry for them & really don't understand their parents...(they are building the wrong house...on probably even the wrong foundation & don't wake up to it)

But here I want to address something which is really for many older folks in the third, upcoming world, who did their level best, to raise their children.
I read in some posts(movingon) from way back in the past, how some would have rather been born in the third world in some shanti town, then to FGA parents, in TF.
And I am very sure, they would have done their level best to prevent a family crisis/tragedy you can read in the following articles.It's so sad, it's heartbreaking.(I remember even a bollywood-movie, milder though, being made about that)

Anyway, I am a bit more "concerned" about my future then as when I was young & carefree,...the 1993-thing you know...
Also, you don't want to be a burden for your kids etc.

Anyway, a hearttouching reading: