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The Family is not the only cyber-rewriter of history on pedophilia

Posted by Thinker on April 25, 2008 at 09:07:03

After writing what I just did about Arthur C. Clarke, I decided to google about his pedophilia. I remember seeing news reports in the 90s, with quotes on how he thought adult-child sex was not wrong, that the boys themselves wanted it, but it was just the mothers who made a big deal out of it. I remember him defending pederasty. I also know for a fact that he retracted his statements when the tide of public opinion turned against him. I also know that his pedophilia was a known thing with locals (he lived in Sri Lanka) and with anyone who was close enough, and although it's still hearsay, I knew people in Scientific circles who knew him. I had insider information that his documentaries were pulled off the Discovery Channel because of this - that it was all veriiable fact.

But now, it seems all that information has all but disappeared - if we are to go by Google. Apparently he went as far as to deny being a pedophile, and claimed it was all a conspiracy against Prince Charles, and that there was nothing he detests more than pedophilia. He stated outright he never ever was one. This new untruthful information is mostly what you can find on the net now. It made me doubt my own memory.

Well thankfully, I'm not the only one who remembers. A non-google search reveals:

"Once they have reached the age of puberty, it is OK... It doesn't do any harm," Clarke told the U.K.'s Sunday Mirror in 1998. More or less exiled from Britain over his underage affairs, he continued to pursue them in the South Asian island nation. Authorities there turned a blind eye. This is all well known among the more sophisticated realms of fandom.

The guy was a self confessed pedophile. I have a friend who went and visited him on business and these kids were just around the house and he said it was really creepy. We looked into it and sure enough the guy had been doing it for years. This isn't like being gay where some cultures find it socially unacceptable... this is just straight wrong...