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Posted by Jo on May 01, 2008 at 14:37:25

In Reply to: Re: FAMILY STATEMENT re NOT WITHOUT MY SISTER posted by repost from Moving On on May 01, 2008 at 05:40:42:

I applaud the sisters for talking about their painful past of what was at the core of The Family in DOCTRINE directly from the top via David Berg and your current leader, Maria, aka "Mama", "Karen Zerby", "Katherine Rhianna Smith" (sp?), something-or-other "Fontaine", etc, etc.
About the worst thing that can be done to a survivor who tells their story is to suggest they EXAGGERATE, LIE or mis-construe the TRUTH. That's just NOT RIGHT.
Also, though there were actions occurring well after the 1986 official CYA documents drawn up after many court cases make it appear all was changed. Some changes did occur. Oddly enough, "Mama" or whomever was inspired with this weird perversion, came up with the "Loving Jesus Revolution" which sexualizes spirituality in a P.G. way for children and then gradually introduces them to a full fledged 'I, as a teen now old enough by law to do the full deed, can imagine Jesus is f'ing me in bed. I can imagine I have a vagina and that I am his bride. And now I can use the Jesus words "cunt, fuck and dong" (direct quoted words from TF publications from the TOP.
A PEDOPHILE leads your organization. One who, with Berg, molested her own minor son and other children, had others molest her son in the name of Jesus, and supported Bergs deviant doctrines.
Until the PEDOPHILES step down and the PEDOPHILES in the Family that have been identified online by name and photograph, turn themselves over to authorities, then the organization is still rotten to the CORE.
Also, there are other types of abuse, such as taking small children to third world countries that are disease ridden without proper food and sanitation and exposing them to serious illnesses. Or not giving them shots to prevent serious diseases that can kill.
Or "home-schooling" sporadically so that children grow up excelling in some areas but with HUGE GAPS in their knowledge base and a FILTER, the LEADER's, for understanding the world around them and their own internal world and how it is supposed to be.
This is a rehash of the same old Claire Boringwitch PR spin. "Sorry some things happened. Couldn't oversee things that well when we were small. Those dern hippies brought in deviancies and we had to make rules to protect the children.
BERG MOLESTED at LEAST FAITHY and at least WANTED to molest DEBORAH. He did this way before hippies ever existed and when he started the Family, NO ONE, except his family and perhaps a very few others knew about his sordid history or what he had in mind.
In his sick, twisted, perverted mind.
So, though you may be living a much better life than the sisters who wrote their book did, do you really want your children to grow up feeling like they are the endtime generation and have special keys to magically make things happen when the S(it hits the fan?
Do you realize that David Berg had us, as teens, who did not know of his perversions upon being recruited and certainly didn't practice them, believing that WE were the last generation and that the last seven years could start any day? Then he made the 1993 prediction. Kohoutek. California falling into the ocean in 1969, 1972- imminent nuclear destruction of America- better flee while there is still opportunity. Then- flee Europe (late seventies or early eighties- because Europe would be destroyed. Good Lord, look at the lit listed here.
Read the false prophecies. His rate of being on target is less than the corner street tarot card reader.
Then there's talking to dead Art Linkletter who- oops- wasn't dead. Supposed inspired artwork of demons and spirit guides or whatever that were plagierized sci-fi works of other artists.
There's a lot of good you could do if you could free yourselves from the chains that bind you. But you can't see them unless you get some distance from the insanity.