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Possible New Kick After Recent Austria Incest Case

Posted by on May 04, 2008 at 07:22:27

In Reply to: Re: My Critique of Gideon and Rachel's Statement posted by Sister Soul Ja Lamentations 5: on May 01, 2008 at 21:11:18:

Have they decided to try using new PR faces to clean up their tarnished image, since Claire Borowick wore out the same 20 year outdated PR lines, and made a complete fool of herself on television?

They continue to lie to the audiences about the ratio of former members who expose them. They want their provisioning contacts to think that the accusations against The Family are false. Some of the grass-roots insiders probably think so themsleves, because they are either more recent new disciples, or some of them were not even born yet.

They also still generate the perception that everybody but a few excommunicated cases, left on their own free will. People need to understand that thousands of us were driven out of The Family, and the excuse that home-fielders leaked information to Deborah Davis about the 1988 return of The Family to the home-fields initiated the program.

Most of us were the most patriotic, loyal forces The Family had. We were the ones who vigorously defended David Berg and The Family against the accusations we believed were from spoiled elite pigs, who had gotten exposed by David Berg for their dirt while running The Family as Leadership's pets.

Current Leadership doesn't want the younger and newer insiders to realize that, much less all their provisioning contacts.

In Sydney, Australia between 1981-84 I worked with the Burwood Home a couple of times. Two examples of provisioning contacts who were made to feel like part of The Family were David Abraham (Paddy's Market fruit & vegetable contact), and an older guy around 70 years old from Penrith.

This poor old man took hours to come from the mountains to the Home. More than once I asked about somebody maybe giving him a ride back, because he would always get home so late at night.

The snobby attitude I felt the Home had toward those guys was, big deal.--They don't have anything more important to do. Where did that attitude come from? It came from the Letters, that they were just "systemites"!

This is just one example of how two provisioning contacts were perceived. They can deny it all they want, but the only provisioning contacts The Family really showed favoritism toward were the rich contacts, and anybody who could do them big favors.

Seeing things like this were one reason why I was on a real bummer, sometimes when I was out busking. I just couldn't function, because I didn't really want to rake in big-bucks, just exploiting people to pay our bills.

I think provisioning contacts who aren't wealthy, and can't donate huge contributions to their local Homes need to understand what might be happening behind their backs.

With so much claims how safe The Family is now, and that it hangs on the outcomes of 1992-93, I think that current Leadership might quietly hail victory over the Fritzl incest case in Austria in the future.

The other day I saw a You-Tube video of a father-daughter incest couple from Adelaide, Australia. They date their love affair with each other back to 1977. Supposedly, they have two normal children together, and she has other kids from a previous marriage.

In this Australian case, it was a situation where the father and daughter thought it was really kinky. Their relationship was not like the Fritzl case, where he beat and raped his daughter since she was 11 years old, and kidnapped and incarcerated her until about two weeks ago or less.

Fritzl complained that he stopped having sex with his wife, because she got too fat.--Yet in video clips, he's a fat hulk himself shown to be partying in Thailand, while his daughter and half her kids are in the soundproof bunker under their property.

If there gets to be more incest situations getting high-profile coverage, knowing The Family's history, in the near or distant future they undoubtedly can be expected to retract their denunciations of their past.

Believe me, there are sicko sociologists who are getting their rocks off on the recent coverage of these incest cases. They will develop an agenda if they feel the opportunity is there, and movies, soap-operas and TV shows will generate the culture of social acceptance of it.

That's how I see things.