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Love given no chance..a bit like Romeo & Julia

Posted by Farmer on May 09, 2008 at 00:38:17

x-minister escorts daughter to US
9 May 2008, 0427 hrs IST,Prashant Dayal,TNN
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AHMEDABAD: The ex-minister's daughter, caught in a love affair which has her powerful father fuming, flew off to the United States on Thursday evening, accompanied by her father, as the two families struggled to keep the lovers apart.

Prashant Korat, the Patel boy who now fears for his life for having fallen in love with a Kshatriya girl, received a number of telephone calls from influential Patel leaders expressing support, after the TOI reported his plight and fright on Thursday.

The issue is clearly assuming casteist and political overtones in Saurashtra where the Patels and Kshatriyas do not see eye to eye.

Prashant (22) was also reprimanded by his mother, Jasumatiben Korat, herself a BJP MLA and former minister, after the TOI story brought his story out in the open.

She has reportedly told him that she would be meeting Chief Minister Narendra Modi to mediate for a settlement with the girl's father.

The girl's father, in the meanwhile, told some reporters informally that it was "one-sided love" on part of Korat. Korat had told TOI on Wednesday the girl who came to his house on May 2 and expressed the desire to be with him, when her father panicked and alerted the police.

Some senior ministers in the Modi cabinet tried to intervene in the matter by calling up Korat and telling him not to complicate the matter by going to the press.

However, Korat explained that if there was a plan to kill him, as the girl's father had threatened, the conspirators should know that he has already named them in an affidavit and a video CD recording.

NOIDA: A 25-year-old software engineer with Birla Soft hanged herself in her Sector-56 home on Wednesday night. The woman's father is deputy commissioner, sales tax, in the Uttar Pradesh government.

The body of Neha Singh was discovered about 10.30 pm by her friend after he did not receive any response to his phone calls to Neha.

Neha's father, J P Singh, is posted at Noida, but she had been staying separately from her family, at A-14, Sector-56.

"Neha's friend had been trying to call her all Wednesday evening, but there was no response to his phone calls. When he went over to her home, he found the main door latched from inside and there was no response to his knocking. The police were then called in. Neha was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her bedroom by a nylon clothesline," said a senior police officer.

The police added that Neha also left a suicide note saying, "Nobody loves me so nobody will be unduly bothered about my death. I am ending my life of my own will, and nobody else should be held responsible."

Police said Neha probably took this step because she faced parental opposition in marrying a man of her choice. Sector-58 police station chief, S K Dube, said Neha's family members are all doing well in their careers. One of her sisters is a doctor and another studying at IIT.