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Watch "Cult Killer" documentary on MSNBC this Sunday

Posted by TV Guide on May 12, 2008 at 07:08:37

The "Cult Killer" documentary will be shown on MSNBC in the United States starting this Sunday (May 4, 2008).
Here is the program description:

Cult Killer
English, 2008
The story of Rick Rodriguez, who was raised in the Family International, a cult that encouraged adult-child sex. In 2005, Rodriguez---who left the group in 2001---murdered his former nanny and then committed suicide.
-end quote-

see for local listings

Here are the broadcast times for the East Coast:

MSNBC Sun, May 4 10:00 PM
MSNBC Mon, May 5 1:00 AM
MSNBC Wed, May 7 11:00 PM
MSNBC Sat, May 10 7:00 PM
MSNBC Sun, May 11 3:00 AM