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Re: You are both right & wrong...You only human

Posted by Farmer on May 15, 2008 at 11:48:07

In Reply to: Re: You are both right & wrong posted by Historian on April 29, 2008 at 08:53:19:

"All modern mathematics is grounded on discoveries and advancements made by people who were not Christian. Such as algebra, trignometry, decimals, zero."

All is a very suspicious "quantor" in mathematics,
the verification is often quite lengthy & difficult.In grammar as an adjective in a dialogue it's also a bit risky & in your case I would advise to retreat a bit ; )

The zero apparently Indian mathematicians invented and some invention are simply before the time of Christianity...simple...some say even infinitesimal calculus was invented in India (Kerela) , who would otherwise have Newton & Leibniz as least they were not unbelievers, the same can be said of Riemann and his non-euklidic geometry etc. Same goes by the way for Pascal & Kronecker...I didn't make a survey in the past, how many Christian believers were at the same time outstanding mathematicians, but your claim of all...can surely be refuted...IMO

Plus what is really modern...the invention of the zero was certain modern at it's time, but quite
distanced from our modern times...or what do you mean by modern???

How advanced Arabs were in sciences before and during the crusades is meanwhile widely known and accepted...may be not known by all "on the street".

By the way it wasn't only the Jews who preserved things.In the Bycantine Empire(Konstantinopel) a lot of writings (by the church!!!) were preserved who would have otherwise probably been lost.Just think of the famous palimsest of writings of Archimedes who were recently sold in an auction for more than 2Mill. US Dollars...(and the history of the that piece of literature/math)