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Re: Scaling the evil??

Posted by Farmer on May 20, 2008 at 18:55:04

In Reply to: Re: Scaling the evil?? posted by Peace on May 20, 2008 at 09:33:44:

You asking me or in general...or?Well, from my perspective & looking at the link provided by the other poster in the thread...I'd say it is very bad as it is, although I admit, evil was already bad enough in all centuries, I'd say...

What I meant is, starting from Natascha Kampusch's
statement, that Fritzl was worse than her abuser, is startling, coming from a victim.My interest is formost with the perspective of the victims.

If someone has a very severe toothache & never experienced any other grave pains in life, that was for that person the worst so far...I've heard
there are such severe pains, that you rather wish to die...I believe it..

Similarly I assume the mental, psychological, inner (heart) pain stemming from abuse could may be have some degrees??? I am not sure, but it's
a hypothesis.Also some are stronger to take things than others, it's so complex, that you probably can't compare...

May be I was trying to far I only had to endure "toothaches", so I don't know what the others had to suffer...& I am very thankful to be spared so far.

I noticed, that the press & science has taken more & more interest in all that, doing brainscanning of criminals & trying to pin down
scientifically "the evil"...

On the other hand, there is talk about the responsibility of the criminals, as you have since Libet's experiment some others, who are interpreted by many as to say, that before people decide, taking action to do something, there is already some brainactivity somewhere else...
That's discomforting a lot of scientists of the lawfaculties (determinism of the crime it could mean)

Big issue, which of course borders the realm of the religious, but I thought, that people might have some thoughts along the line.

the book...though old??...provided through the link in the thread, seems to suggest, that evil has a biological aspect??Or did I get that wrong?