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Re: Sexual abuse of children in war zones at the hand of aid workers!!!

Posted by Farmer on May 29, 2008 at 05:09:22

In Reply to: Re: Sexual abuse of children in war zones at the hand of aid workers!!! posted by With Held on May 28, 2008 at 21:32:54:

Thanks for the feedback...I've seen reports on TV of a bride-trade in China, as the ratio of men/woman is pretty bad there in some villages, so where there is a "demand", you have some willing to supply, even though it's illegal and a lot of times it seems plainly against the will of the women involved...the same is happening in India, where the ratio is also prettty bad in itself, boys being preferred (such nonsense)...well the other big market of sex-trade is completely horrible & on wide scale worldwide, girls being lured by lies...TG many break free from such bonds, although they live under very big threats, not to reaveal much the nature of their "activities" in their mostly foreign countries, (often western countries)

All that is probably also water on the watermills of TF, like saying, see the world is also pretty bad or worse & other groups , RC...Mormons etc...
are similarly comment:TF wanted to be the spearhead movement for the good, not for the they failed and are not worthy of people's trust & money.