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What do you get from posting here?

Posted by sia nara on June 06, 2008 at 16:38:42

I appreciate that people manage this site and pay whatever costs there are to do so. As a participant though, it seems like there is more understanding in THE FAMILY at times than there is between ex- members. Not saying TF is better, it's jst that in a highly controlled dictatorship, there is "unity" of purpose, thought, direction. I wouldn't expect that here. But sometimes it seems like when a person has an opinion that rubs another the wrong way (ME included) it's easy to shun a person or they are seen as undesirable, out of favor, whatever. I have to wonder what the root cause of all that unfriendliness is.
Certainly in TF we were pitted against each other. No doubt the Family is happy wherever they find us slicing each other up with sarcasm.
I think the primary purpose of this site has been information and resources about TF with the chat boards as an added feature for exers to talk to each other. Boards divided into religious and non-religious ones. There was a need for that since many leave and don't connect with any faith beyond the world around us.
But how can I, as a poster her, make this a more welcoming site to anyone? How can I post to feel more welcome here?
Anyone have any ideas?
I am not against people who have religious beliefs or against people who don't. I have my own opinions. Sometimes instead of discussing them, seems there is an assumption that I blame everything on Berg rather than take self responsibility when nothing can be further from the truth.
But I see FG that survived TF as being similar to survivors of domestic abuse- who can be women or men.
I am responsible to take control of my life, I am responsible to make amends or repairs as possible which I was a part to whatever degree I was a part of anything- as part of taking control of my life.
At the same time, I also see Berg and Zerby as having been the originators of sick doctrine and the most responsible for that.
I don't in any way deny the pain of the SG. I have supported efforts to help with affidavits and such as requested, as much as I could up to the time that I left.
So what comes beyond that?
Do others here desire a chat board where we support each other? Or just to chat with a few friends you relate to and cut others out that don't fit in 100 percent to a like view on every subject?
Or do you want to understand each other?
Because a chat board is only what the people who respond, make it.