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ok to participate?

Posted by on June 25, 2008 at 03:27:00

Hi all, I would like to ask if I may occasionally participate in discussions. You see, though I'm not an ex-Cog/TM I am an ex member of another cult-ic group. I have need of participating in discussions about the anger, resentment, embarrassment feelings about my experiences and about how they still are out there doing their crap. I have searched for support groups/discussions and haven't found any 'active' groups of that type. In my research I have learned alot about quite a few other groups (COG/TF) included and feel, in a way, a connection with ex'ers and believe we share much in the way of experiences and feelings. So, would it be appropriate for me to occasionally participate in general discussions? I feel strongly also about your policies and would want an open free forum to discuss those feelings without being preached to in any way.