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To the webmaster etc.

Posted by Farmer on July 04, 2008 at 14:40:10

May be it has been my time to have a "forced fast" from the boards here, but it happened now for the second time, that I was not able to load my computer...although I was always able to load hundreds of other websites continously...I wanted recently to go to a friend or a internetcafe, to verify, that the site is still on, but me excluded, for whatever technical or "higher" reasons, albeit unbeknownst to me.

Just now I hit out of boredom/by chance the exfam hot link/plug/button on my browser again & surprise, the site was loaded again...frankly I don't know for what reason...I do have a rooter with buit in physical firewall, but that's about the only thing, which to my knowledge & according to the automatic response for a failure of a websiteloading from the browser-side could have remotely have to do with it...however I have had no difficulty in accessing tons of other websites, like what could have been the difference?

That "problem"/fast happened for something like 3-4 weeks...any idea?