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Dear Juliana...

Posted by Farmer on July 20, 2008 at 00:32:10

In Reply to: Re: Peter, I like to...(suspense) posted by Juliana on July 18, 2008 at 19:47:00:

I am not sure how to react best to your "sweet" reply (may be sweet happens to be a buzz word for you...TF-laden...but I am in lack of a better word
& since I mean it, I thought I should not blame the English language, if TF occupied that word
somehow)...anyway..since ever you appeared on movingon, I felt, one of these days I should may be approach you & share some thought/memory? with you.

I was in Delhi between 1982 - 1986 & in the one home I was last in...prior it used to be called the "Italian home"...there came some time before my departure the couple David & Phoebe with their kids...forgot how many they had then, five??...

I "marvelled" at that time, that it happened to be
Phoebe with MWM-"fame", playing the violine.I didn't speak too much to/with them, remembering though some incidents & I thought, judging by your name,that should/could be your mother??!!
Were you then already there...must have been, if your father happens to be Simon Peter...All that went through my mind...sorry, if that happens to be inappropiate, facts at the wrong time, the wrong space...didn't want to hurt feelings or bring up anything unpleasant to you.Do you remember anything of that time??