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Re: This really helps put things into perspective...

Posted by Farmer on July 20, 2008 at 13:15:37

In Reply to: Re: This really helps put things into perspective... posted by Seek and ye shall find on July 19, 2008 at 06:40:00:

Your handle is: seek and ye shall find...well, I was looking for a longer period myself and found...that'd be mainly subject of the journeys speak more or less in the conditional would you know, how a SGA is likely to react?Have you spoken to anyone about this matter, how a SGA is reacting, when there is great distress anywhere on earth??Are you very objective about that? (I doubt, that even scientists can be 100% objective in their field of research)

Well, believe it or not, the suffering of "someone" almost 2000 years ago has been the greatest comfort in my life & sometimes people suffer for our sins & it makes me feel grateful, how they carried that burden and sometimes I feel shame (the contrary of being proud & feeling highly elated) for something, which wasn't my personal fault, that is living in Germany, which
bears the responsibility for all the events happening during the Nazi-era...

Apparently you can relate 0 to what I was saying!?

Never mind & please do seek for yourself & I'll be happy, if you found something of everlasting value...if not, keep on trying until you do