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Re: Another con

Posted by Farmer on August 04, 2008 at 16:28:03

In Reply to: Re: Another con posted by What? on August 04, 2008 at 15:28:06:

I am "afraid" I don't properly "judge" your comment.The "folks" according to that letter or rather severals, wanted to give him time to adjust to his "new life"...starting somewhere the end of last years...meanwhile there where rumours
...on webboards etc. & now they rather react on the top, to prevent that inside-members...reading the boards...come to the "wrong conclusions"...

Once of the top you're off, you're not bound to move on to something "bigger" (I think the same must be said for Sue,Sarah D., Faithy & whoever else)...Apollos didn't get much attention for his defection though...unless I missed something...I thought they mentioned, him being kind of exhausted after 30plus years...I bet.

I think they would have let it being a secret, if not for the public's negative news for them anyway...what is positive about some
soldier of David's army...blah not have the strength needed to go on?

I think I misunderstood you??